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Aspergers Syndrome - One of several autism spectrum disorders which currently has no cure.

Many great Aspergers books are currently in circulation around the world today. Here at Aspergers Books we have the best selection of Aspergers books & related autism literature. We offer books for friends & family to better understand Aspergers, as well as books for your children to enjoy and cope. If you or your loved one suffer from aspergers syndrome, you'll find the best source of aspergers books available online at:

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What is Aspergers or Autism?

Aspergers is a brain development disorder which currently has no cure. The symptoms for Aspergers Disorder vary accordingly, however Autism can be categorized into 5 specific types: Autistic Disorder. Aspergers Syndrome. Retts Disorder. CDD - Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. PDD - Pervasive Development Disorder.

 Autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities in children. Autistic children usually have trouble communicating & comprehending others. Many autistic people are mentally retarded, even though most children with PDD or atypical autism have an average level of intelligence.

Aspergers will typically appear during the first 36 months of childhood.  Some autistic children will show some signs of autism from birth, while others will gradually form to the symptoms. Thanks to recent public awareness campaigns, Aspergers is starting to get the attention it desperately deserves.

Aspergers Books For Parents & Adults:

The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
Asperger Syndrome And Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions For Tantrums, Rage And Meltdowns
Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Asperger Syndrome and the Elementary School Experience: Practical Solutions for Academic & Social Difficulties
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adult Asperger Syndrome (Guides to Individualized Evidence-Based Treatment)
The Asperger Parent: How to Raise a Child with Asperger Syndrome and Maintain Your Sense of Humor


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